Our History

Kenton Marble & Granite Works was established in 1850 by J.D.White on East Franklin St. in Kenton.  He carried it on alone for several years, when John Howe became a partner under the firm name of White & Howe.

C.W. Woodward was connected with the business,  followed by Henry Price,  who soon became associated with John Howe.  After Price & Howe came John Howe and Company.  Finally Dorr, White and J.W. Brown,  in 1873,  purchased the works,  the firm beginning White & Brown.  After  4 to 5 years,  they sold out to Holmes Wilson.

In 1879, Dorr & Hance White bought out Wilson, and in April 1880  moved the location to S. Main St.  In 1893, Carl Price,  son of Henry Price,  purchased 1/2 interest of Dorr & White.  On Jan. 1, 1903, Mr. Price became the sole owner and on Feb. 4, 1903,  the institution was incorporated under the name of Kenton Marble & Granite Company.

In August 1904,  the plant was moved to the present location on S. Leighton St. where a building was erected and equipped with the lastest improved machinery for manufacturing marble and granite in all it’s forms.

Surgis A. Millisor, (Walter Millisor’s father) worked for Carl Price doing the cementery lettering in the early 1900’s.

At some point,  Parker Kennendy of Bellefontaine Memorial Studios purchased the company with Walter and Maxine Millisor operating the company in Kenton.  The Millisor’s purchased the company from Parker Kennendy and owned and operated it from early 60’s to 1982.

Since 1983, Russ and Jan (Millisor) Spearman have owned and operated the company at the same location.  Their son,  Tim, started working with them in 2003,  making it the fourth generation working at Kenton Marble & Granite.