Newly Remodeled Showroom

Newly Remodeled Showroom

We replaced the old walkway with a full concrete floor in 2013 upon change of ownership, and for the convenience of customers, especially those with walking limitations/wheelchairs etc. updates were made.

Visiting our showroom is one of the first steps in selecting the perfect monument, because it gives you a visual idea of the actual size and texture that doesn’t necessarily come through in catalog, or online photos.

We realize this is an important step, and have remodeled our onsite showroom to better serve your needs. You’ll be able to walk through and get a good visual idea of the different colors, sizes, shapes, and textures for the monuments we offer.

Please contact us by email, or phone to schedule an appointment and walk through of the showroom. Appointments are available during normal office hours, and can make special arrangements if needed.


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